SSA Cluster Head - Cluster No-6

Chandigarh has been divided into 20 clusters. GMSSS-27C is in the cluster no. 06. This school is the head quarter of cluster no-06. The principal of this school is the cluster head. Cluster no.160 has 6 schools in this cluster, namely, GMSSS-27C, GMHS-28C, GMSSS-28D ,GMHS 29 A,GHS-29 B and GHD 30. All the grants from SSA first of all come from the deptt. into cluster head and then these are disbursed to other schools.

Different type of activities carried out by SSA:

>> Special training centres are run by SSA in Four schools, one in GMSSS-27C GMHS 28C,GHS 29B , and other in GMSSS-28D, chd. where teachers give special training to out of school children and drop outs.

>> One resource centre is working in GMHS-28C, Chd., where all the children with special needs (CWSN) are looked after by a team of different type of resource teachers e.g. RT of hearing, RT of vision, RT for mentally retarded and RT for cerebral palsy etc.

>>Computers are provided by SSA to all the different schools.

>> World Disability Day is celebrated every year at Cluster Level.

>> Learning corner is in school for CWSN according to their needs.

>> For motivation of STC there is special provision for excursions, visits to zoo and outdoor activities.

>> Social Science lab has been set up by SSA in GMSSS27C in the year 2010-11.

>> The main aim of SSA is to implement RTE act.

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