School Mission

>> Our institution, one of the centres of excellence in education, with the sole-objective of imparting education with the resourceful development of the students in different dimensions i.e. in a family, community, society and the nation.

>> To help the students to become responsible adults to continue the progeny by becoming a worthy parent and gets ready and equip him/her with desired competencies to work as professionals and to maintain the dignity of labour with the motto ‘Work like a labour and live like a prince’.

School Mission

>> To ensure that the youths energies are properly and efficiently channelized for the over-all development in this modern world of competitions.

>> To imbibe them with the spirit of competence, communication skills and dexterous intellectual values. To develop physical performances, social participations e.g. group discussions, interviewing etc. To expose the leadership qualities of the students, many kind of functions are organized from time to time.

>> To have a right attitude for facing the social, economical and other problems of society not only the well developed bodies and fair developed minds of the students. The most important aim is produce the qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion with the mission of agile the work with your sincerely determination. To reach the zenith of culmination and to become the true lovers of mankind and the universe.

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